Hello America

One hour until I land in New York for the second time this year. Tomorrow I begin the second part of my son rise training at The Autism Centre of America.

The first part taught me the home based programme and this week will cover running the programme, training my workers and carrying out team meetings.

i believe this will enable me to run a more productive and efficient programme for Zak.

Since I began the programme in July, we have seen changes in Zak. His curriculum is currently focusing on Zak’s flexibility in his thinking. My proudest moment has been a last minute change from a family cinema outing to a quick dash to Ikea. Now this could drive hubby to a meltdown, let alone Zak!!! He showed total acceptance of this. This could possibly be the idea of seeing his favourite car mat, but hey we all need a little motivation and quite frankly, I don’t care. It was the finest moment in the Elebert household so far this year.

The programme is no sprint and more of a marathon and as patience isn’t my strong point I do question leaving my babies for a week and travelling 4,000 miles alone if all this work is worth it?

Across the aisle from me is a 30 year old man called Jamie. As autism is the first thing I see, before anyother fact about a person, I see it gently accompanying Jamie before I have even buckled up! The fact that he reads and studies The American Airlines Magazine consisting of 130 pages confirms this for me.

As my shyness is in a different league to my patience I waste no time befriending Jamie. Two hours in and I have my answers. I tell him about Zak and after all the pleasantries he tells me about his many challenges as a child and his few as an adult. He is a man of few words but he is independent and the most hopeful fact for me is he doesn’t need ear defenders for take off, to check in with every member of the crew and he doesn’t inspect the food trolley 5 million times. However, he still doesn’t use the noisy toilet for the whole 7 hours of flying but this I can live with!

He tells me of his supportive family, his beloved grandad and a mother who never gave up her belief in him.

So back to my question……is it worth it?

Damn right it is!!!!!


Ps….. Upon landing Jamie talks to the girl next seat but one to him (I haven’t seen them speak the whole journey) He then introduces her to me as his fiancée!!! I am walking on air……..


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