Medication Update

This is the one subject I struggle with the most. It took me three years to be convinced to give it a try.

i beat myself up, had endless sleepless nights and drove my nearest and dearest demented with my doubts. But the quote… YOU HAVE TO REACH A CHILD TO TEACH A CHILD finally won me over and we began our Ritalin adventure stroke nightmare.

So twelve months on…


  • Zak has stopped bouncing off the walls.
  • Zak has come on leaps and bounds at school.
  • Zak has focus on most things he does.
  • School are over the moon with him.


  • Zak now has more time to process his feelings which 99% of the time are ones of anger, frustration and sadness.
  • It has uncovered more autistic traits.
  • His anxieties have heightened.
  • He has lost 9lb in weight.
  • I am now at a crossroads. His progress at school is fantastic but I do not feel comfortable. I don’t like giving him a controlled drug. This puts Ritalin in a category of methadone and pethidene.


Even with the positives I don’t believe it makes Zak a happy boy and I am now trying to convince doctors to let him try the non stimulant medication,

My head says Trish, stop over-thinking, Zak is doing well, it’s not forever and just stick with it but my heart screams… stuff the GCSE’s, I want my happy, bouncy solider back!!!!


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