With two girls looking forward to their ski holiday at Christmas, behind my “oh kids, it’s going to be great” smile, I have a lump in my throat as large as a tennis ball!!!

ADHD, ASD and a varied amount of sensory issues for my boy to deal with and I am asking him to put on a pair of skis… gulp!

Zak has amazing balance so the actual skiing shouldn’t be a problem but he feels every label, sock seam and every inch of every shoe that comes into contact with his feet!

So the list of my concerns… Too many layers of clothing, too hot, too many people, tight boots, could Zak’s lack of proprioception take the whole nursery slope out in one hit? Will the lifts trigger his anxiety and the one that stresses me the most… thick socks = thick seams!!!

Aware that my worrying is going nowhere fast, the only option I have is to take Zak to the Chill Factor in Manchester!

I book a lesson during a quiet time and allow plenty of time to get clothing hire, boots and skis! Zak is excited and after he has questioned every member of staff he can find, I manage to get his boots on him. The main problem is the helmet and the chin strap is distressing him slightly and I am amazed this one detail didn’t make my list of worries!
I de brief the instructor on what to expect in the hour to follow and off they go…

Zak arrives back to me one hour later with streaming snotty nose and a great big SMILE!

He may have 0% attention skills but his balancing skills are outstanding and topped with the no fear factor, my boy did good!!

Relieved and now looking forward to our hols… once again… proved wrong and proud of him!

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