ADHD Doesn’t Exist????

After a week of family birthdays and Zak waiting impatiently for his to arrive… the day is finally here!!! Zak is seven today and by 9am I am more exhausted than I was giving birth to him!!

However hard I try to keep the house calm and his presents to a minimum so that he can keep focus, the excitement of the day ahead gets the better of him. He is excited (and so he should be on his birthday) but his immaturity and lack of understanding vents this all in the wrong way and we end up with Zak upsetting the whole household and behaving in a totally unacceptable manner!!

I read a tweet this week from the “rent a gob” Katie Hopkins that said ADHD does not exist… only bad mums! Although I admire her guts for saying a lot of things people are thinking, I am extremely uncomfortable for someone having such a strong opinion on something they obviously have no experience of.

I work damn hard in raising my boy and managing his behaviour and commit to it as a full time job! I will listen to anybody’s opinion on what I am doing right or wrong for Zak… after they have walked in my shoes for six months, until then… SHUT UP!!!

So Ms Hopkins I will say this… words have wings, be careful of what you say……they may fly away and damage a mum who is struggling to cope!!!

As for Zak’s birthday, I have until school pick up to “re-ground” myself, breath deeply and find the energy to cope with tonight.

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous boy x x x x

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