With two girls looking forward to their ski holiday at Christmas, behind my “oh kids, it’s going to be great” smile, I have a lump in my throat as large as a tennis ball!!! ADHD, ASD and a varied amount of sensory issues for my boy to deal with and I am asking him to […]

Sensory Bedroom

After months of planning, calling in all favours and working endlessly… Zak’s sensory bedroom is complete!!! I only wanted one quality piece of equipment and with lots of research, I decided on a bubble machine. I looked at lots of different companies and decided on “The Sensory Company”. Not just on the quality of their […]

Crystal Healing

Spent a fantastic day on Saturday at The Hope Centre in Sale Cheshire. Anna delivered a fantastic day on the uses of crystals in the home!!! Zak’s room will now be encased with rosé quartz, amethyst & kyanite. I truly believe in the power of crystals and will keep you updated of any changes… x […]