About Me


I am 8 years old. I was a happy contented baby who loved to spend my days bouncing in my chair. When I was 2.5 years old the people around me had concerns about my development. At 3 years old, those concerns were raised with preschool. And so my journey began. At 4.5 years old I was diagnosed with ADHD. The screening for autism was put on hold due to the fact that they couldn't peel me off the ceiling for long enough to carry out any accurate tests. It took 4 more years for me to acquire another label, this time one of autism. My mum has done lots of different things to help me, a lot of which is documented in my blog. In June 2015 she travelled to America to take part in The Son Rise Programme which is a home based programme. Please follow my blog to watch my progress.


I am the proud Mum of Zak. I have toyed with the idea of a website to help Zak but have. Felt uneasy about putting my child out there for the world to see. To make his life reading material has at times felt intrusive. Although parts of our lives are difficult, frustrating and upsetting, there is also laughter and utter outrageousness. Having a good sense of humour I feel compelled to share those stories but would hate for this to be interpreted as fun making. However in June 2015 I visited America to take part in The Son Rise Programme. This is a home based programme working in Zak's flexibility and communication. This course changed my life and I believe it will change Zak's. Therefore I need help. I estimate his programme to run for 2/3 years. During that time I have 2/3 more trips to America, one of which will include Zak so that the amazing staff out there can spend a week working intensely with him. I have training to deliver to his team, monthly support sessions with a facilitator and equipment needed for the programme. I am just trying to enrich his life, make him as independent as possible and reach for his stars. Xxxx

My Target

My Target is to raise £50,000 over 2 years. I will be doing lots of fund-raising over the next 2 years from car boot sales to throwing myself out of an aeroplane (please note this is only if all else fails #biggestfear) I will blog monthly to keep everyone updated on Zak's progress. I thank you all in advance for any support given. I appreciate anyone who chooses other projects to support. I am not desperate, thankfully Zak doesn't need lifesaving treatment, just life changing.

Zaks Team

There are so many people involved in making Zak"s journey possible. The following people are the ones who give their time freely and unconditionally. We love them all... thank you ️xxx


Zak's Mum

I run Zak's programme, training team members, plan the curriculum, write the blog and make sure that the enthusiasm continues throughout the team.


Zak's Dad

The first member of the team I have trained and now a regular volunteer in the programme and my support and back up whenever needed. He also keeps my feet firmly on the ground.


Head of Fundraising

Treasurer to all money raised, she makes sure all money raised is used in most cost effective way. Also the doting auntie of the star of the show.


Website Designer

Looks after Zak's website, taking care of all content and updates. He answers all my questions... even at 2 am!!